Lipskey Family Genealogy Page 

Land of ancestral origin:

formerly known as


Adelbert Goertz's

Historical Overview: 'Provinz Preußen';
West-, East-Prussia

Primary localities:





Marienwerder    ( Wachsmuth ...)

Rosenberg/Wpr. Homepage

Secondary localities:

Grey County, Ontario, Canada

Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

Selected Associated Surnames:

Lipski, Lipsky, Lipskie, Lipskey, Lipske, Lipszki, Lipcki, Mücke, Muecke, ... .

Excerpt from WP-Land Register 1772/73

Mieck, Uhl, Eulenburg, Schulz, Schultz,
Nickel, Knabe, Birckhahn, Gostomski, Glasenap, Rutkowsky, Rehahn,

Hodel, Brill, Finch, Stuart-Yorke, Ferdinand, Jonas, Wüst, Henn, Henrich, Pötsch, Treitz ... .  


Online Genealogical References:

***Olaf Schmidt's new Homepage***
I´d like to inform you, that I updated my homepage at .

Now I can offer several topics:

a) History of my main linages

b) lists of names of my ancestors an their descendants: 2111 individuals
in 704 families.

c) maps of the areas where my main linages settled (Westprussia)

d) diary of my journey to Poland (former.Westprussia) in 1996 (sorry,
only in german)

e) Genealogical links:
1) mainly websites regarding to Westprussia, also private homepages.
I would be happy to get clues for additional websites!
2) "Contact other researchers": I checked the emails of the last 2
years and constructed a list with names where other people are looking
for! If you have the same names or areas I be glad to add your
information to that list!

Please email me, if you have additional information, links or questions.

With regards,
Olaf Schmid

Verein für Familienforschung in Ost- und Westpreußen e.V. 

Die Westpreußenkartei und die Westpreußische Familienforschung  

Prussian-Russian-Canadian Mennonite Genealogical Resources



Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen: OSTPREUSSENBLATT

Degener Publishing House

Prominant Enthusiasts:

Fred Rump

Wolfgang Naujoks

Adalbert Goertz

Andreas Kurt Borm

Other Personal Info:

Grabie Coat of Arms  


Albert E.F. Lipskey  B.A. M.A., (Retired grammar-school teacher, living in Germany)

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